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Don't believe in
Rainbow Unicorns?

Neither do we.

Unsupported Services

Rainbow unicorns don't really exist... and hiring us (or anyone else) won't magically make your company invincible. 

It's important to understand what services we provide,

but it's just as important to understand what services we DON'T provide.

Better Security Strategy provides

Fractional Security Leadership services.

For some organizations, fractional services might look like 5 hours of consulting and mentoring a month.

For other organizations it might look like 20 hours a week.

*Better Security Strategy DOES NOT provide full time resourcing.

Here are a few things we don't do:

- Security Operations Center (SOC)

- Outsourced Individual Contributors (ICs)

- Talent Acquisition / staff sourcing

- Long term operational efforts

- Penetration testing

- Tool licensing

- Generate or use magic, pixie dust, or miracles 

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