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Fraction Leadership Services

Better Security Strategy provides Startup and SMB tech companies

with Fractional Security Leadership services to help you mature your security program, reduce risk, and build and maintain customer trust.


We will work with you to define your needs, your priorities, and your timeline. 

Efforts ranges between 5 hours a month, and 20 hours a week.

Let us help guide you on a journey, or select a-la-cart services to reduce workload on others.

Browse the variety of services we can offer below.

Evaluate & Assess Risk.

  • Understand business and customer use
  • Review policies, technologies, and processes
  • Review regulatory, legal, and customer requirements
  • Review compliance posture and audit findings
  • Provide internal Risk Assessment



AdobeStock_479759826 (Strategy).jpeg

Collaborate to co-create new Security Strategy.

  • Alignment of Security risks and Business risks

  • Definition of "Acceptable Risks"
  • Documentation of Security Strategy
  • Documented quarterly roadmap to achieve Security Strategy
  • Metrics to track roadmap progress



Update policies to align with Security Strategy.

  • Creation of Security policies aligned with NIST and/or ISO 

  • Creation / updates to Security guidelines and/or processes

  • Review of existing policies, processes, and/or procedures for accuracy, completeness, and robustness

  • Creation / updates to existing Incident Response Plan

    • "No really - what would you do?"

  • Creation / updates to existing Business Continuity Plan

    • "No really - what happens if X goes down?"



Aquire, Configure, and Operationalize appropriate tooling.

  • Identifying potential solutions

  • Define success criteria

  • Advise, or assist, on implementation considerations & best practices

  • Communicate and document usage, monitoring, and processes



Monitor controls & Respond to threats.

  • Understand normal use

  • Define and monitor for abnormal or unusual activity

  • Ensure adequate guidelines and processes are in place for response

  • Respond to threats and/or incidents

  • Collaborate with legal and PR teams for external communications



AdobeStock_551904533 (Build Customer Trust).jpeg

Leverage & showcase improvements accomplished to

build & maintain Customer Trust.

  • Review and updates of corporate website and security whitepaper(s)

  • Creation of customer accessible "Security Assurance Package"

  • Assist in guiding, or leading, industry audits, such as SOC2, ISO, PCI

  • Collaboration with Legal team on Security Terms & Conditions / MSAs

  • Collaboration with Sales teams on Security features to highlight

  • Collaboration with Product teams on Security features & functionality



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